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DATE: December 1-3, 2017

GUEST PRESENTER: Gary Moyer is the Executive Secretary/Vice-President for Administration for the Carolina Conference. He is an ordained minister and a Ziglar Legacy Certified trainer and life coach. His personal life mission is to share the biblical truths and love of Christ that change lives for the better, and forever. In this motivational seminar of highly-practical information, he shares Bible-based, user-friendly methods of making godly, positive life changes in such areas as self-image, attitude, goals, and relationships, which all enable us to be better witnesses for Jesus. You will want to take notes, so bring a pen, notepad, an open heart, and mind—and get ready to grow!

LODGING: You will need to bring your linens and personal care items. Rooms will be assigned on a first come first serve basis in the lodge.

REGISTRATION: To register, please follow this link: www.gscsda.org/elderretreat

You may also register by contacting Elizabeth Rodriguez at 334-272-7493, ext. 120 or by email at erodriguez@gscsda.org